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Nordic Research Symposium, SIBA, 2010

The SIBA symposium 2010:

Nordic Research Symposium 



Empirical safety research:

safety practice, conflicting understandings and knowledge

Silvia Gherardi and Antonio Strati,
RUCOLA, University of Trento, Italy

November 3rd- 4th, 2010




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Building sites are dynamic contexts, where unexpected situations arise. Working in these conditions means constantly being faced with risks, and in considering how to deal with them; situations that can be difficult to prevent through procedures, design and rules. In order to qualify research into prevention of accidents and promote safer working practices within construction in the future, a Danish research project (SIBA) has been launched. It aims to establish better notions of causes of accidents among construction workers, and to investigate the (social) development of understandings of risks and safety practice among apprentices and skilled, experienced workers. This symposium is part of an effort to develop and discuss issues of relevance to empirical safety research.

Planning committee:

The workshop/symposium is coordinated by Department of Occupational Medicine, Herning Hospital, and funded by the Danish Working Environment Research Fund.

Further informations:

Please contact Regine Grytnes, tel. (+45) 99 27 29 62 or e-mail:
If you would like to give a presentation in one of the two afternoon sessions, please contact Regine.

Professor of Sociology of Organizations

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Professor of Sociology of Organizations,
Industrial Sociology

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